Sunny Visits Oxford

This weekend was not just a big deal for me but for my hometown of Oxford, Alabama. One question I always get asked by family and friends is, “how I do different things on the grill?” Well, the short answer is, I took a class. The big problem with living in a smaller city is that we don’t have many local opportunities to learn barbecue from the pros. Now, I know that most people might think, “how hard can it be?” But there is just something about taking a class from experienced professionals that will open your eyes to a whole new world of food. Well, Oxford had an opportunity to not only have a class, but to have one taught by a Food Network star and a World Champion cook Sunny Moody and her husband Jeff Moody.

I started seeing posts about classes that Sunny was holding in some other cities. I jokingly made a comment on social media asking her when would she be having a class in Alabama? She commented back, if I could get enough people to sign up she would be here. Well that started the wheels in my head to turning. I started asking around about peoples interest in having something like this in our area. I got a lot of feedback from people saying they would definitely be interested. So, that led me to looking for a venue to hold such an event. The first place I asked , our local Ace Hardware agreed to hosting. The next thing I knew, we had a date set for a steak cooking class. But not just any steak cooking class, this was a steak class taught by the 2021 World Champion, Sunny Moody.

Sunny came down this past weekend and my wife and I were fortunate enough to be able to host her and her husband Jeff at the house. We had a great time sitting on the back porch and having some dinner. It was definitely an awesome experience for me to be able to have them at my house and talk with them and ask questions about all things BBQ.

Saturday came and we had perfect Alabama day to have our class. We had a lot of excited people come out from all over Northern Alabama ready to learn from the best. Sunny and Jeff did a fantastic job covering steak 3 different ways, 2 different ways to do potatoes and a grilled salad. I could not have been happier with the turnout and just the entire experience. I would recommend taking a class from her if you ever have the chance. This will not be the last class that you will see offered in this area. My goal is to be able to have future classes that will continue to bring the love of grilling to sweet home Alabama.

I would like to thank Sunny and Jeff for taking the time to come down here and put on this wonderful class. I would like to thank each and every person who bought a ticket and supported this event. And I would like to thank Oxford Lumber Ace Hardware for hosting this event. They have a great selection of everything you need to make your barbecue perfect.

Happy Grilling y’all!

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