Award Winning Fireshire Sloppy Joes

A few weeks ago, The W Sauce sent out an email to their ambassadors asking us to submit our recipes using their products. Well this was an easy one for me because I used their products in a ton of my different dishes. I knew whatever I submitted it would have to be something unique and would really stand out. One of our favorite dishes here at the house is homemade sloppy joes. In my sloppy joe recipe I use The W Sauce Fireshire sauce. It adds the perfect amount of heat to the mixture.
Fireshire Sloppy Joes on Brioche bun with Onion Rings and Doux South Pickels

The contest was run during the month of September and the winner was announced earlier this month. I was super excited to see the email that was sent out saying that one of our family favorites was the winner.

If you haven’t tried The W Sauce, what are you waiting for? If you are waiting on an invite, well allow me to invite you to try it. If you are waiting on a sale, the you want to click on my link and get 10% off. You can find the link here! You are going to want to try some of this stuff. It is seriously the best worcestershire sauce I have ever tried. Once you have yours, try my recipe out and see how you like these sloppy joes for yourself. My favorite way to have them is on top of air fried waffle fries and some Doux South pickels. You can find the link for the recipe below:

Award Winning Fireshire Sloppy Joe Recipe

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