Yoder Troubles???

So last Wednesday, I was excited to greet the FedEx Freight truck driver as he was bringing me my brand new Yoder YS1500. I had been waiting on this delivery for about 4 months now. I could not wait to get it unboxed, loaded with pellets and burned in so I could start cooking on it. I opened it up in the garage and started putting the pieces on it and hooked up the pull bar to it and pulled it to the back porch. I got it loaded up with my favorite B&B pellets and got powered connected.

This is where things got really interesting. I downloaded the Fireboard app, got the Yoder connected to my wifi and fired it up. I started watching the temp and noticed right away that the smoker was already up to 147 degrees. I knew that was not right but decided to watch it do its thing for a minute. I had temps registering as high as 4020 degrees and then back down to 127 degrees. I knew that the thermocouple must have gotten damaged. Again, this all happened on Wednesday evening.

I got on the phone with Yoder support and told them what I was experiencing. Larry at Yoder support knew exactly what the problem was and told me he would have a new part on the way. Thursday morning about 10:30, I had a delivery from FedEx. It was the new part from Yoder. I could not believe how fast support was able to troubleshoot the issue and then get the part to me that fast. I was up and running by Thursday night just in time to throw some steaks on the smoker for dinner.

More companies need to take notice on how to take care of customers. Things happen especially when shipping halfway across the US but they were more than helpful and made things right very fast. Thanks to Larry and Yoder support for getting me back up and running so fast. My first impression of this grill is that it is built to last. It is very heavy duty and does a great job of cooking. I have only cooked some steaks and burgers on it so far but this weekend is brisket weekend and I can’t wait to see how it does.

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