My Favorite Things

Thinking of trying out some of my favorite products? Now’s your chance. I am creating a list of all of the products I love to use and am affiliated with. I will link the products so that can click on them and take advantage of my discount code as well. If you decide to try any of them, let me know what you think.

The W-Sauce – Truly America’s Worcestershire. We just call it “W Sauce”. If you can’t have worcestershire sauce due to fish allergies, they have you covered. Check out their Veganshire product. Use code BISCUITS_N_BRISKETS at checkout for 10% off your purchase.
Meater + – This is my go to thermometer especially on my bigger meats like brisket, pork butts, rib roasts or any other roast for that matter. The Meater+ helps me look like a pro when it comes to nailing the perfect cook. I can not say enough about these things and I love that they connect to my phone via Bluetooth so I can monitor my temp from anywhere. No code necessary for this. Just click on the link above for 10% off and get yours on the way today.
Grill Grates – They’re called “sear stations” for a reason. GrillGrates turn pellet smokers into pellet grills. They trap and concentrate heat and conduct it up the rails for great searing while the valleys sizzle juices for added flavor. GrillGrates are used on top of the existing grates on pellet grills and typically add 100 degrees or more at the grate surface. Every set comes with a GrateTool which is part fork, park spatula that fits between the rails to get under your food and lift it without scraping. Click on the link above to get yours!
Thermoworks Thermapen One – I know I already have a thermometer listed but trust me here… you need one, or more of these. I use this handheld thermometer especially on my smaller cuts of meat. I will use it on the bigger cuts to make sure that the meat is cooking evenly. This thermometer is weather proof so you can use it in the rain. The display is backlit so it is easy to ready the output and it gives you accurate readings in 1 second so you aren’t in the pit for long. This is a must have. Click on the link above to use this beauty!
Grilla Grills – This is the smoker that started my obsession. I had a chance to put my hands on one at the grilling class that I took. I fell in love with it and came home and ordered mine. The rest, as they say was history. I have the Silverbac AT as well as the Kong with the AT Cart. These grill are economical and well built. If you are in the market for one and don’t want to break the back I’d recommend this one 100/100 times. Click on the link above to get one for you. Your family will love you for it.

This is just a start to my list. If you have a product you think I need to look at send me an email and let me know. My email is